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About Us is a new generation player in the international nicotine pouch market. Our site aims to provide the widest range of nicopods without browsing long hours from store to store.

With the help of our filters, the collected product range can be easily compared according to your needs.

The uniqueness of our service is ensured by the fact that our website is not a web store, but a platform that organizes and evaluates other web stores’ offers in the market.

The received results are sorted based on their prices. This way, you can quickly and easily find the most favorable offer tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to simplify and speed up the selection process of the right product for you.

By facilitating decision-making, enhancing and simplifying the user experience, we hope to increase the commercial popularity of these tobacco alternative categories.

Nicopod Products
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We’ve assembled a large listing of products from a wide variety of reputable nicotine pouch manufacturers.

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We list the product catalogues of a constantly growing list of brands operating in the nicopod market.


We’re available in all EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Scotland, South Africa and Quatar.


We’re always on the lookuout for new partners who ship to countries where the service of Pods and Bars is available.

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