Everyone remembers the delightful flavor of bubble gum from their childhood – the fun, the sweetness, and the pure joy of blowing bubbles. CUBA Bubble Gum Ninja nicotine pouches aim to bring those memories back with a punch of nicotine.


The moment you open the can, the nostalgic aroma of bubble gum hits you. It’s unmistakably fruity and sweet, a playful invitation to revisit old memories.

Flavor of CUBA Bubble Gum Ninja – How authentic?

As you slide one of these slim pouches under your lip, the classic bubble gum taste takes center stage. The sweetness, coupled with a hint of tang, is a playful throwback to simpler times.

Nicotine Strength

But this isn’t just child’s play. With a nicotine content of 12.9mg per pouch, these nicopods pack a decent punch that’s not overwhelming. It’s an interesting contrast that gives the product its unique character.


While the burst of bubble gum flavor is delightful, it tends to taper off after about 25 to 30 minutes. It’s a short-lived experience, which may be a deal-breaker for some. This experience can be expanded a bit by choosing a retailer who is working with freshly produced products. We suggest ordering from Europesnus, where the guys have a great traffic of returning customers which results them changing their inventory on a monthly basis.

Conclusion of CUBA Bubble Gum Ninja Review

Overall, CUBA Ninja Bubble Gum nicotine pouches are a nostalgic trip down memory lane with an adult twist. Their playful flavor is fun, and the nicotine content is respectable. However, the pouches are a bit on the slim side, and the flavor could last longer. We’re rating this product a 7 out of 10. It’s a fun novelty, but it might not be a regular on your nicotine pouch rotation.

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