The legend is back, in a new, tobacco-free avatar! All White SIBERIA -80 ℃ is here as a smokeless nicotine pouch, carrying forward its legacy of strength and refreshing mint flavor.


As you crack open the can, you’re greeted with the familiar cool scent of mint. It’s a promising start and a testament to the original SIBERIA -80 ℃ experience.


The slim pouches fit comfortably under the lip, and instantly, the refreshing mint flavor floods the senses. It’s a pleasant reminder of the original SIBERIA chew, bringing back fond memories for those who’ve been fans of the brand.

Nicotine Strength of All White SIBERIA -80 ℃ Slim Portion

The nicotine strength, at 24.75mg per pouch, is as strong as you’d expect from SIBERIA. It’s not quite the same level as the classic chew, but it’s enough to pack a punch in the first few minutes. The buzz tapers off to a steady hum, satisfying but not overwhelming.


The slim pouches are designed for comfort, and the flavor longevity is just about right. It’s the perfect companion for those long work hours or lazy afternoons. You won’t be disappointed with it’s duration time. To get the maximum longevity experience, choose a retailer from Sweden, so the product doesn’t need to travel across the world before getting to you. This is why I would choose Snusfer to order from.

Conclusion on All White SIBERIA -80 ℃ Slim Portion

SIBERIA -80 ℃ All White Slim Portion nicopods brings back the classic Siberia experience in a neat, smokeless package. The pouches are slim and comfortable, the nicotine hit is strong, and the mint flavor is as refreshing as ever. It’s an excellent choice for former SIBERIA chew/snus fans looking to switch to a tobacco-free version. We’re giving it a solid 8 out of 10. It’s a cool, powerful journey worth embarking on.

(Remember: Nicotine is addictive, and these pouches have a high nicotine content. Use responsibly.)

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