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The Manufacturing of Nicotine Pouches: An Insight Into How They Are Made

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The manufacturing of nicotine pouches is a fascinating process that combines modern chemistry, bioengineering and mass-production techniques.

In this article we’ll explore the specific steps of the manufacturing process, focusing on key aspects like what ingredients are used, what each step of the process consists of, and how different brand use different variations of ingredients to create their unique blend.

What Are Nicopods?

Firstly, let’s define what nicopods are. These pre-portioned small pouches that often resemble tea bags or tiny pillows, contain nicotine (but are free from tobacco leaf, dust, or stem), flavorings and plant-based fiber. The nicotine is either derived from tobacco leaves or synthetically manufactured.

Originating in the U.S., these innovative tobacco-free snus products have rapidly grown in popularity worldwide, offering a new, less harmful way of nicotine consumption.

What are nicotine pouches made out of?

The pouch
The pouch itself is made out of organic cellulose compounds which create a fleece that helps in the dynamics of the nicotine release.

Nicotine Salt
The nicotine is pharmaceutical-grade, either extracted from tobacco plants or synthesized from other plant-based sources.

Binder / Filler
Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or hydroxypropyl starch (HPS) is a plant-based food additive used for maintaining the consistency of the pouch. This is the powder that absorbs the nicotine.

A hydrophilic solvent is used to maintain the moisture of the pouch.

Artificial flavorings (usually E-numbered food-grade flavours).

pH Adjusters (bH buffer)
If the pH level is too neutral, the pouch won’t be able to transfer the nicotine to the user. Sodium carbonate or Sodium bicarbonate are commonly used for the regulation of the pH.

Both natural sweeteners (Xylitol or Erythritol) or artificial sweeteners (Aspartame or Sucralose) that are commonly used in food products are also used during the manufacturing of nicopods.

How Nicotine Pouches are made by Different Brands?

Different brands use varied ingredients in their products.

  • ZYN Ingredients: Tobacco-derived nicotine salt and food-grade ingredients such as pH adjusters, sweeteners, flavorings, fillers, and stabilizers. Check their official FAQ for the specific name of each ingredient (it’s in the first tab ‘ZYN Basics’, under “What’s in the Pouch?”).
  • VELO Ingredients: Nicotine from tobacco plant, water, sucralose, citric acid, microcrystalline cellulose, salt, and artificial flavor. Check the list on their website.
  • Iceberg Pouches: Nicotine, flavoring and texture ingredients, including sweeteners used in other products.
  • On! Ingredients: Nicotine salt, sweetener, fillers, and pH adjusters, available in different nicotine strengths and flavors.

The Production Process

1. Sourcing Nicotine

There are the primary ways of sourcing nicotine for the pouches:

  • Synthetic Nicotine: Created in labs by rearranging molecules of other plants to create nicotine identical to that found in tobacco leaves.
  • Tobacco-Derived Nicotine: Extracted from tobacco leaves using solvent extraction methods, isolating nicotine without the leaf, dust, or other parts.

2. Mixing the Ingredients

The next step of the production process involves the mixing of the nicotine with all the other ingredients that go into each pouch. Stabilizers, flavorings, pH adjusters, and sweeteners are blended in to create the consistent mixture that goes into the final product.

3. Creating the Pouches

This mixture is then enclosed in small, white pouches made of a permeable material, usually a cellulose-based fleece which will come in contact with the gum of the user. The size and shape of these pouches can vary based on the brand and the product line.

4. Inspection & Quality Control

Quality control is a crucial step, ensuring each pouch meets the set standards for nicotine strength and ingredient composition.

5. Packaging

Finally, the pouches are packaged into cans in a way that preserves their freshness and moisture and ensures easy accessibility for the user.


The manufacturing process of nicotine pouches is an intriguing process involving high-tech methods and biochemistry. Whether it’s the synthetic or tobacco-derived nicotine, the precise mixing of ingredients, or the careful packaging, each step plays a crucial role in the creating of this novel nicotine product. As always, consumers are encouraged to choose their products wisely and stay informed about the ingredients and processes behind their choices.


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