77 Blackcurrant Extra Strong

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Hey guys, here is the 77 Blackcurrant Extra Strong product in the nicotine market today.

The flavor of this pouch is outstanding—full of ripe, juicy blackcurrants, full of sweet, tangy taste that is enclosed in it. This highly flavored blackcurrant is very refreshing and pleasant, well balanced without being overpowering.

Texture-wise, these are a game-changer when it comes to pouches. Moist, soft, and comfy under the lip, way better than the often dry and scratchy alternatives out there. Their smooth texture enhances the release of flavor and nicotine, thus contributing to a superior experience.

The nicotine level is strong enough. With 10 mg per pouch, that is a great fit for those users who require the level of nicotine to give them an extra kick. In the same breath, the delivery isn’t too strong; hence, these nicotine pouches are versatile for many moments.

In terms of specifications, there are 20 pouches in a can of these, with each measuring 0.5g in weight. The total net weight of 10g might not be one of the largest among the nicotine pouches, but the quality is truly great. The pouches, manufactured by TFC Group, are truly one of the top quality nicotine products.

The pouches bear a very good sense of balance. They integrate intensive flavor, nice texture, and high nicotine content very harmoniously. It is a well-composed blend where all the elements play their roles without upsetting the balance.

The packaging is sleek and functional, adding an air of elegance. It is easy to carry and a pleasure to display.

All in all, the 77 Blackcurrant Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches are an excellent choice for lovers of the most intense and bold flavors. Even if the net weight may not be that big, the pouches perform their duties in terms of intensity of taste, pleasant mouthfeel, and high level of nicotine level reaching your bloodstream. These pouches are meant for both veterans and newcomers, possibly winning a new favorite in your nicotine arsenal. Good job from TFC Group, which produces 77 brand in Poland.



Strength / g

20 mg / g

Strength / pouch

10 mg / pouch

Net weight

10 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

Pouches / can



TFC Group

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