77 Forest Fruits Extra Strong


Forest Fruits

strength / g

20.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

10.0 mg / pouch

net weight

10.0 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

pouches / can



Luna Corporate (Poland)


77 Forest Fruits Extra Strong nicotine pouches are a great choice for lovers of fruity tastes with a need for a heavy hit of nicotine. The pouches – produced by Luna Corporate in Poland – are unique for the mixture of juicy forest fruit tastes, comfortable texture, and strong nicotine content. If you have always been an avid fan of 77 pouches, or have never tried them before – the following variety can definitely appeal and may become your new favorite for a sweet and fulfilling nicotine hit.


These nicotine pouches are like taking a walk in a forest full of ripe, juicy berries. The flavor is immediately captivating. This is a fresh, juicy combination of wild forest fruits, as though they were just picked a moment ago. Great combination with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. This blend offers a sweet and tangy burst in your mouth, perfect for those who crave a dessert-like, fruity experience.


The texture of these pouches is absolutely ideal. They are very wet and soft, so they will sit very comfortably under your lip without a dryness or irritation that is common with other nicotine pouches. Because of this smoothness, the flavor and nicotine release are gentle but efficient.

Nicotine Strength:

Now, regarding its nicotine content: each portion gives out a hard kick of 10 mg, for which users that intend to really smack of nicotine should, undoubtedly, go. It gives a strong, but not overmuch, buzz, proper for focus and relaxation.

Design and Balance:

What I like the most about the 77 Forest Fruits Extra Strong pouches is the right mix of sweetness and strength given by the amount of nicotine. The diversity of forest fruit flavors is what really keeps the experiences fresh and enjoyable. The packaging is not bad either. It is small and stylish to fit easily and discreetly in your pocket or purse. The design is clean, sleek, and attractive, fitting for every situation.

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