77 Raspberry Extra Strong


If you appreciate fruity flavors and are in search of a strong experience with nicotine, then surely 77 Raspberry Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches are your cup of tea.

These pouches nail the taste of raspberry perfectly. It’s almost like the essence of ripe, juicy raspberries has been captured in this pouch. The flavor is really fruity and sweet, but not in some gaudy, artificial kind of way. It’s like having a handful of fresh raspberries on a sunny day; it’s bright, refreshing, and delightful.

The texture of this pouch is a real big plus—it’s not only moist but also soft, so it feels very comfortable in use. So, I’ve tested quite a lot of nicotine pouches, and I have to tell you: nothing is worse than the dry or rough pouch. These are smooth and gentle, lying comfortably under your lip, and releasing their flavor and nicotine release smoothly.

In each of its pouches, there is a solid 10 mg of nicotine to be found, perfectly adapting for those with a higher dose in mind. With this kind of strength, the nicotine is released slowly in a manner that not only is satisfying but also leaves you with a buzz, thus not too strong.

What I really like in these 77’s in Raspberry is the balance they hit just right. The raspberry taste is tasty and perfectly manufactured while the heavy nicotine level allows its satisfaction but not overpowering. It’s like they found an impeccable harmony between taste and strength. Simple but attractive design, in my opinion.

77 Raspberry Extra Strong Snus provides a great, powerful experience of nicotine. It is recommended for those who love the taste of fruits and are looking for a decent shot of nicotine. Whether you are a seasoned user of 77 pouches or simply a new face in the world of nicotine products looking for something new and exciting, these surely make it worth giving a try.



strength / g

20.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

10.0 mg / pouch

net weight

10.0 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

pouches / can



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