77 Tropical Mint Extra Strong


If you’re a fan of exotic flavors and the punch of that solid nicotine blow, 77 Tropical Mint Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches should be your thing. Whether you’re already a fan of 77 pouches or someone new looking for something to excite your taste buds—these are definitely worth a shot. Here’s what makes these pouches a tropical delight:


These pouches are a tropical cocktail on your senses. Imagine – juicy ripe mangos, bursting with sweetness. And then, that light whisper of mint. I like how it is a perfect blend of tropical fruit and mint—tasty, but the taste is not too strong, though refreshing thanks to the cooling mint presence.


The texture of these pouches is not in doubt: top—notch moist and soft, with a good fit under the lip. You know how some nicopods are sort of rough or dry? Not so here; they are soft and smooth, exuding their flavor and nicotine in perfectly balanced unison.

Nicotine Strength:

These pouches are intended to provide a powerful and pleasant experience with nicotine. Each of these really packs a punch at 10mg of strong nicotine. This is great for if you like the strong side of nicotine. The release is steady and satisfying, giving you that buzz you’re looking for without being too intense. It’s a robust yet controlled experience, perfect for keeping you focused and on your toes.

Design and Balance:

In 77 Tropical Mint Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches, the combination of the lush tropical fruit flavors with the refreshing mint, comfortable pouches, and strong nicotine content is certainly quite unique and has lots to offer. This packaging has to be mentioned as well. Sleek, compact, and very transportable. You can shove it in your pocket or purse without a struggle, and it’s totally subtle for any setting. The design is very simple but stylish, so I think it will be convenient to use.


Tropical Fruit & Mint

strength / g

20.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

10.0 mg / pouch

net weight

10.0 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

pouches / can



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