ACE Superwhite Cool Mint

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Strength / g

16 mg / g

Strength / pouch

10,4 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0,65 g

Pouches / can



Ministry of Snus


ACE Superwhite Cool Mint, a winner product within the category of nicotine pouches. The ACE Superwhite line, produced by the Ministry of Snus. That means these products meet the needs of consumers who want powerful and strong snus of long duration. The Swedish producer have embraced values of innovation and quality, so their products have become synonymous with first-class quality in the market of nicotine pouches.

Smell & Flavor:

Just crack open the can, and an intense peppermint smell, with a strong sweetness together with hints of menthol. In the taste, much refreshing peppermint is conveyed as the menthol makes a small burn under the lip. The strong peppermint with the iced menthol interplay provides a freezing taste, which is a flavor that has defined the category of strong mint recognized today.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

ACE Superwhite Cool Mint is a really strong and long-lasting nicotine pouch. 16 mg/g with 10.4 mg of nicotine per portion. The strong strength fits great and gives the needed kick to wake you up in the morning. The pouches are designed to release flavor and nicotine contents gradually. The release of flavors and nicotine over time remains constant in the pouch, hence ensuring that it is satisfying over a prolonged duration.


High-quality materials are used to make the supersoft slim pouches. This is how it gives the user experience of comfort and being discreet. It is gentle on the gums and is designed with a snug fit under the lip, hence enriching the snus experience.

Design & Balance:

The can design is an ode to simple elegance, reflecting the sophisticated simplicity of an Apple product. In short, ACE Superwhite Cool Mint is not just a nicotine pouch. It’s all about strong flavor, big nicotine, and a splendid design. The fresh peppermint and menthol blend, coupled with a heavy kick of nicotine and chic packaging, make this yet another offering to try for people seeking an indulgent experience with high-quality nicotine.

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