ACE Superwhite Extreme Cool


This product that could become the next example for the ultimate combination of rich taste and sophisticated design. ACE Superwhite means innovation and quality. The brand offers two types of innovation here—first, in the design, which is very beautiful, and the second, in the flavor, which is premium. Their dedication to delivering better products makes Ace a product to trust. In other words, ACE Superwhite Extreme Cool is more than just a nicotine pouch; it is an experience.

Smell & Flavor:

The opening of the can provides a strong scent of spicy peppermint twisted in the cool refreshing smell of mint. An aromatic paradise emerges from the flavor profile in this offering. Notes of bold peppermint with a freezing mint finish give the perfect interpretation to make the freshness long-lasting. This, however, is classic mint flavor but in its intense and spicy edge, meeting the needs of consumers who are looking for that great taste of classic mint.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

Each pouch contains a strength of 10.4mg/g of nicotine, making it a strong kick that would suit even the users with some experience or transitioning from smoking. Overall, 16.0mg/g rated pouches make an experience of a high level of nicotine that gives satisfaction to the user. ACE Superwhite Extreme Cool pouches are designed for long-lasting enjoyment. The release of both the flavor and nicotine is stable and takes time, hence this pouch guarantees long-lasting and satisfying use.

Texture, Design & Balance

The pouches are friendly to the gums and they have a well-processed texture. Slim and soft, the 0.65g pouch grants comfortable wear and discreet use. You may feel the long years of experience that the producer has. The can design is reminiscent of timeless classics and minimalistic elegance, which immediately causes a chain reaction with associations to the iPhone among mobiles. It is a decent quality product that speaks volumes with its pure and simple styling. As has been noted, it’s spicy mint flavor, high nicotine content, and stylish design, with a guaranteed safe and secure manufacturing process, it is definitely a choice for above-average nicotine experience.



strength / g

16.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

10.4 mg / pouch

net weight

13.0 g total

weight / pouch

0.65 g

pouches / can



Ministry of Snus

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