ACE Superwhite Liquorice Mint

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Licorice mint

Strength / g

16 mg / g

Strength / pouch

10,4 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0,65 g

Pouches / can



Ministry of Snus


ACE Liquorice Mint Superwhite Slim Strong is an excellent nicotine pouch that redefines a taste experience with the rich, real taste of liquorice, combined with fresh mint. Made by the Ministry of Snus, ACE Superwhite stands out as a trademark brand for innovation, ambition, and passion. There is a desire for perfection in every one of its sets.

Smell & Flavor:

Opening the can, you are instantly greeted by a mellow, harmonious blend of sweet liquorice and fresh mint. The flavor experience is spot-on—getting that authentic taste of liquorice without the sugariness, it gives the user something nice and sustainable in terms of flavor experience, something to enjoy without changing the pouch over and over again.


The pouches are soft and slim, for additional comfort and discretion. The pouches weigh only 0.65 g and fit easily under the lip. they provide a long-lasting and gentle experience for the user’s gums.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

Each pouch has a full 10.4 mg of nicotine for a robust 16 mg of strength per gram making for a satisfyingly strong experience. This strength ensures that every release satisfies the customer’s craving for nicotine with real results for a strong product. This is what makes ACE Superwhite Liquorice Mint a true good snus. Releasing nicotine evenly with a promise of a strong product. The pouches also have extended-release flavor and nicotine delivery, making the product offer better value for longer-lasting pouch pleasures.

Design & Balance

ACE Liquorice Mint, a slim, elegant can, will remind you of the designs of the iPhone. That is not one of those designs meant to just serve a purpose; it sends a message. It’s a perfect combination of quality, flavor, and design. With the balanced flavor of liquorice mint and strong nicotine, along with the slim and stylish look of the can, it is a prestigious choice for those chasing the very best in nicotine pouches.

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