ACE X Cool Mint Superwhite

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Strength / g

20 mg / g

Strength / pouch

15 mg / pouch

Net weight

15 g total

Weight / pouch

0,75 g

Pouches / can



Ministry of Snus


ACE X Cool Mint Superwhite introduces another fascinating addition to the nicotine pouch market. The producer is none other than the famous Ministry of Snus. With innovations and high-quality products related to the nicotine pouch industry, they have always introduced snus filled with historical trends yet synchronizing with current desires. Having this desired Ace brand, one cannot be surprised if they show perfect combinations every time. Their ACE X Cool Mint is no different.

Design & Flavor:

This can has a design so futuristic one will be able to notice a big neon green “X” sign. It reminds the user of the electrifying flavor being experienced inside. The intense cooling mint and powerful pepper mint work in tandem for that unique, explosive sensation upon application. The coolness really tasted is not just ‘minty’, but a coolness so carefully designed as to offer a fresh, buzzing sense under the lip.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

As befitting of its ACE X-line heritage, this product has the high nicotine trait. At 20 mg/g, with each pouch delivering a strong 15 mg hit. It offers very strong and long-lasting nicotine satisfaction. This product therefore would be favored by an experienced user. Strong but balanced strengths of the nicotine experience. Similar affect to traditional white dry snus.

Texture & Overall Balance:

At 0.75 g each, these pouches are medium-heavy. They give a significantly full and potent presence under your lip. Despite the strength, the profile is relatively balanced. Which is compelling for the overall harmonious blend put in place between mint flavor and the level of nicotine being delivered. The texture ensures that comfort has been well thought out to ensure the experience itself remains as delightful as it’s energetic. Therefore, for those in pursuit of a strong, lasting, and refreshing nicotine pouch, ACE X Cool Mint is the one that assures and satisfies the great sensation.

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