ACE X Cosmic Cool Mint Superwhite

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Strength / g

20 mg / g

Strength / pouch

20 mg / pouch

Net weight

18 g total

Weight / pouch

1 g

Pouches / can



Ministry of Snus


The Ace X Cosmic Cool Mint Superwhite is pure boldness, coming from none other than the Danish production company Ministry of Snus. World-renowned for their creativity and quality, they’ve answered the call to an actual, potent, and immersive nicotine experience with this robust product. The Ace X range is developed within the Ace Superwhite brand for true-demand understanding of the consumers, who are love an edgy taste and the most intense flavor with a bang-on strength of nicotine.

Design & Flavor:

The Ace X Cosmic Cool Mint Can is a piece of art. The sleek black background accented with neon lights is a preview of the cosmic experience before even opening the can. And the larger size of the can foreshadows the fullness of the pouches inside, engineered for a beefier lip feel and a more immersive experience. But the flavor is cosmically cool. An experience as out-of-this-world as it sounds. Energetic and new. It is rather strong, modern, points at something subtle and sweet but does not overpower in the way it complements the cool minty feel. Yet together they bring a numbing freshness that sets in instantly, but subsides to leave one with confidence.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

With an extra-strong labelling of 20 mg/g of net, all the snus naturally falls under the extra-strong category. With high moisture content that will aid in quicker nicotine releasing, it really gives a power punch in this product and has an extended period effect for seasoned people who know to expect such features from this product. A snus beginner to high nicotine levels should try this pouch with caution due to its intensity. Snus-like experience of consumption of nicotine.

Texture & Overall Balance:

Each portion has a large weight of 1 gram, which easily provides double its weight compared to the normal size amount when the standard Ace slim portions are used, which makes it rather full and plump with tobacco to give better placement under the lip. The portions are fairly large, so they give a sublime serving of satisfaction. While the product is all-white, so it ensures no risk of teeth staining, the overall balance is not falling behind – Ace X Cosmic Cool Mint provides a full journey with immediate impact of flavor.

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