BJÖRN Bubble Gum

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Bubble gum

Strength / g

30 mg / g

Strength / pouch

15 mg / pouch

Net weight

10 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

Pouches / can



Luna Corporate (Poland)


BJÖRN Bubble Gum nicotine pouches are produced by TFC Group. A Polish company that receives great reviews for the 77 nicotine pouch line. It seems like Luna Corporate is up to something. Strong nicotine content, robust flavors—the company knows its way to the top in the nicotine pouch market. The BJÖRN range is their way of blending playful flavors with a strong nicotine punch. It is designed for the sophisticated user who loves an old school-style hit.

Design & Flavor:

The design on the can is both powerful and fun at the same time. It is designed with a geometric bear motif in the center, making it quite attractive, moreover exclusive. Black and pink are contrasting colors that make its appearance visually impactful. BJÖRN Bubble Gum presents a traditional, unmistakable sweet taste that is reminiscent of childhood bubble gum. This flavor is like a walk down memory lane. Back to the carefree days of childhood with the sugary and delightful essence one experienced from chewing gum. The taste is quite rich and satisfactory.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

With 30 mg/g strength and 15 mg per pouch, BJÖRN Bubble Gum offers an extra-high level of nicotine that seeks intensity for consumers. Lightly fun flavor with serious amount of nicotine. The pouches are designed for a long-lasting release, where one can enjoy a consistent and enduring experience.

Texture & Overall Balance:

The pouches are thin and weightless, 0.5 g each, so it only adds to a high level of discreteness and doesn’t spoil the comfort at all. Though mini-sized, pouches do not compromise with the texture and quality but emanate a soft feel that is gentle on the gums. This tobacco-free snus strikes the perfect balance between a fun, nostalgic flavor and a serious nicotine punch. They are for that typical user who always wants something strong and lasting impact, but a different taste than the standard – yet packed in an elegant way and in the form that characterizes this new brand – discreetly.

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