CUBA Black Jogurt Strong

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Indulge in a unique nicotine experience with CUBA Black Jogurt Strong nicotine pouches! These nicopods unveil a creamy yogurt flavor that is both tantalizing and distinctive, bringing a rich, creamy dimension to your nicotine journey. The black original sachet portions exude an unconventional charm, tempting users with their bold and unique character. Crafted specifically for the experienced connoisseur, these tobacco-free snus offer an ultra-high nicotine kick, promising a potent and satisfying encounter with every use. Seize a pack of CUBA Black Jogurt Strong and plunge into a creamy, powerful, and innovative nicotine adventure, anytime, anywhere!



Strength / g

43 mg / g – 66 mg/g

Strength / pouch

28 mg / pouch – 43 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.65 g

Pouches / can




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