CUBA Black Blueberry Strong

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Strength / g

43 mg / g

Strength / pouch

27,95 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.65 g

Pouches / can





CUBA Black Blueberry Strong is another premium nicotine pouch by Nicotabako. A producer that always remains unique in terms of design and strength. Now, they really show an unprecedented commitment to flavor improvisation, clearly featuring in their CUBA line. Out of Poland and now carving out a burgeoning hub for tobacco-free nicotine pouches, these.

Design & Flavor:

This nicopod comes in a respectful, formal style to capture the clean and fresh aroma of the CUBA Black Blueberry. In an already established market of white nicotine pouches, Black Original Sachet portions are striking and start their play in the user’s box from their very first glance. Stepping into the world of CUBA Black Blueberry means strolling into the forest packed with the freshest blueberries. With every pouch, an authentically fruity taste is experienced, as natural sweetness and acidity capture the very essence of blueberries. The unique blueberry taste is sure to get your mind off regular nicotine pouch flavors and please each of your senses time after time.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

Featuring 43 mg/g of powerful freebase nicotine strength and a total weight of almost 28 mg per pouch, CUBA Black Blueberry is relatively strong when placed up against some of the many options available on the market. This high concentration of nicotine in the pouches guarantees clients experience strong and long-lasting satisfaction. Ideal for people who have been using nicotine for a long time.

Texture & Overall Balance:

The black color is striking, yes, but these thin slim pouches are just hard to resist. They practically swear not to stain the teeth. At 0.65 grams, the pouches also have a tough material that feels natural in the mouth. Easygoing, it could maintain the right balance of robust blueberry taste and a powerful nicotine hit, which the pouch material ensures. Cuba Black Blueberry satisfies the need for strong-tasting nicotine with a product that is meaningful yet tasteful.

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