CUBA Blueberry White Medium

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Strength / g

16 mg / g

Strength / pouch

10,4 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.65 g

Pouches / can



Nicotobacco (Poland)


CUBA Blueberry White Medium Nicotine Pouches provide full concentration with an explosive taste and richness of strength, bringing thus verve to a vivid daily life of an experienced user. Nicotobacco has set down its roots along a thousand miles and only with amazing buddies of its novelty. The CUBA range perfectly picks up this perception of full taste and satisfaction.

Design & Flavor:

The punchy cans, vibrant CUBA Blueberry White pouches, stand stylishly and tastefully, offering an eco-conscious package. Clean, fresh design comes in a welcoming color palette with an impression of purple blueberry on the lower half of the can. When first popping the can open, one is greeted with the fruity, sweet but tangy smell of blueberries. This scent instantly reminds you of just-picked, fresh blueberries. The taste is an expert imitation of the fruit, really credible in taste but not becoming overly sweet or artificial tasting.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

The mixture contains 16mg/g of nicotine in each sack equates to a whopping 10.4mg per pouch. That means a medium-strong level. In the richly tough pouches is a satisfaction of a kick, not so strong for the casual yet not so weak for the seasoned hardcore user. The delivery pace of Nics has spot-on longevity. The nicotine lasts for about 40-45 minutes, the flavor is up to an hour.

Texture & Overall Balance:

White, small, and discreet, pop one wherever and whenever. Whether you’re working or chatting, the texture responds magnificently for a perfect fit—the way the pouch is soft to wear around the clock. The balance in terms of intensity of flavor and strength of the nicotine in CUBA Blueberry White Medium pouches is quite good. It excels in providing a strong yet not overwhelming nicotine experience and, moreover, maintaining the taste of blueberry undistorted through usage. Best used by anyone who positions himself appropriately both in the right taste and strength when they take their nicotine pouches on a daily basis. Suppose Killa Blueberry is to be your favorite, then you will definitely love this stuff because it is more or less the same, but with the slightest tweaks. It gives one a feel of variation.

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