CUBA Ninja Mint Fresh

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Step into a refreshing sensation with CUBA Ninja Mint Fresh nicotine pouches, your personal gateway to an oasis of cool, minty bliss. These potent nicopods embody the stealth and power of a ninja, delivering a refreshing mint kick that’s nothing short of a revitalizing explosion. Perfect for those seeking a crisp, exhilarating break in their day, these pouches offer a remarkable blend of mint freshness coupled with a robust nicotine punch, all wrapped up in a sleek, tobacco-free snus. Grab a pack of CUBA Ninja Mint Fresh, and gear up to experience an energizing journey of fresh minty breezes and satisfying nicotine bliss, anytime, anywhere!



Strength / g

30 mg / g

Strength / pouch

19,5 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.65 g

Pouches / can




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