CUBA Ninja Orange

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Strength / g

30 mg / g

Strength / pouch

19,5 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.65 g

Pouches / can





Get ready for a citrusy adventure with CUBA Ninja Orange nicotine pouches! Bursting with the vibrant flavor of sun-kissed oranges, these nicopods deliver a refreshing and invigorating nicotine experience that tantalizes your senses with every use. Let each pouch whisk you away on a tropical journey, where the zestful notes of orange meet the satisfying kick of premium nicotine, all encased in a sleek, tobacco-free snus. Whether you’re kickstarting your day or enjoying an evening chill, these pouches are your zesty companion for a delightful nicotine indulgence. Grab a pack of CUBA Ninja Orange, and embrace a lively burst of citrus joy, anytime, anywhere!

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