CUBA Orange Ninja

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Strength / g

30 mg / g

Strength / pouch

15 mg / pouch

Net weight

13 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

Pouches / can



Nicotobacco (Poland)


CUBA Orange Ninja nicotine pouches are set on a delightful citrus escape, with literally the fresh zest of orange gushing taste and a payload hit of pure nicotine. The creators of the popular CUBA range, Nicotobacco is quickly gaining popularity with super strong and innovative products. Focusing on such bold tastes that stay against the senses, it will be nothing but memorable.

Design & Flavor:

The CUBA Orange Ninja pouches come designed in a shiny, beautiful can impression with a silhouette of a ninja in darkness, promising a cool hit of nicotine that is about to ambush it. The sleek, shiny black background decorated with orange represents the taste and strength of the product, taking the user on a wild sensory adventure. Each can of CUBA Orange Ninja is bursting with juice similar to that of just-picked oranges. It’s certainly the real thing—a great blending of sweet and tartness. Wherefore, its sweet-and-tart, tangy-fresh flavor is an identical addition to everyday use, and it’s far from the many over-sweetened nicopods flooding the market daily.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

These pouches contain a dose of 30 mg/g of nicotine, with each one boasting 15 mg of nicotine to release an extra strong and highly satisfying hit of the substance. It will hit you like a ninja would do. The well-thought-out and well-designed blend, as it happens, gives the assurance that the nicotine hit is strongly long-lasting, making it possible to enjoy an experience by the bubbly orange flavor that lasts.

Texture & Overall Balance:

The pouches are comfortable and discreet, weighing only 0.5 g each. The texture is downy soft, and that bright taste, the texture provides a nice mouthfeel, which surely cannot be either an effect of watering down the strength of the nicotine to make up for the bright taste. Exciting orange-flavored pouches with a whopping nicotine punch, all discretely and delightfully packed. So, in actuality, it’s a dare for those who can’t wait to exercise their sense of adventure with bright and strong nicotine, with 25 pouches in a can.

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