FEDRS Double Mint Hard Ice Cool



strength / g

65.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

32.5 mg / pouch

net weight

10.0 g total

weight / pouch

0.5 g

pouches / can



FEDRS (Poland)


Another loud shout going to the nicotine scene, FEDRS Double Mint Hard Ice Cool, is a brand new pouch by the innovative producer from Poland reaching for extreme designs and intense flavors. In the area of nicotine pouches, FEDRS managed to carve its interesting niche with intense flavors and eye-catching design. FEDRS means no-compromise approach towards quality and befitting experience.

Design & Flavor:

The pouches come designed in a skull in a bright green and black background, maybe an indication of the experience flavor inside. It reminds me of Killa’s branding desig. From the very first opening, the flavor of the mint is like a plunge of coolness with startlingly mentholic notes that offer immediately icy hits, adding to it a sweetened candy undertone. Interesting mint flavor from the sweeter minty-line.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

Expect a powerful hit when taking these pouches, as they carry 65.0 mg/g of nicotine content. With this ultra-strong mixture, this brand is among the strongest nicopods available on the market. This tobacco-free snus balances the strong mixture with slim pouches, so with lower amount of mixture packed into one pouch. It is like a race car that accelerates fast but the top speed is not so high. It offers a 30-40 minute long nicotine buzz and a hit of flavor that realistically carries on for up to 50 minutes. This is a wonderful throw for half-gram slim portion pouches like this.

Texture & Overall Balance:

The 0.5 g pouches may be slim, but they pack a significant punch. The ultra-menthol flavor is perfectly balanced with the high volume or dense dosage in essence to mark an intense yet pleasurable encounter in using the product. FEDRS Double Mint Hard Ice Cool is truly a perfect product for those veteran users drooling to get high on flavoring with the overdose of nicotine. It is a product design as bold as the flavor itself and one would assume to have the same intensity of the experience in line with the personality of the product’s packaging itself. These sachets are not for the faintheart because they come with a definite recommendation for standouts ready to push the envelope in their nicotine experience.

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