FEDRS Evilberry Hard Ice Cool


Berry Mix

Strength / g

65 mg / g

Strength / pouch

32.5 mg / pouch

Net weight

10 g total

Weight / pouch

0.5 g

Pouches / can



FEDRS (Poland)


FEDRS Evilberry Hard Ice Cool comes with the same range in this line by the adventurous twist in nicotine pouches from the inventive Polish brand FEDRS, known for intense flavors and impactful designs. It was the forerunner on the Polish market of nicotine pouches, and it made a name thanks to audacious blends and designs. Focusing on strong experiences, FEDRS speaks to those looking forward to a powerful, prolonged period of nicotine delight.

Design & Flavor:

The Fedrs Evilberry Hard Ice Cool pouches come with an edgy striking skull against a bright purple background. Fresh design similar to Killa’s graphics. The taste really did turn out to be a very fine dance of the blueberries. It has that hint of wickedness in exalting the sweetness and tartness of the berries to create a bold but still greatly balanced taste profile. The cooling mint goes well with the sweet, authentic blueberry taste.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

At a very strong 65mg/g of the chemical, it is one of the strongest brands on the market and intended for people with high tolerance levels, who have intense cravings. The light 0.5g pouches are balancing well the strong mixture so they are not unbearable. There’s pronounced effect to this, setting in with a strong buzz that lasts 30 to 40 minutes, while the layered berry flavor carries you along for close to 1 hour.

Texture & Overall Balance:

However, the pouches have been designed as ultra-thin and discreet, despite the force shown, great characteristics of the FEDRS in the pursuit of equilibrium and comfort. Striking the perfect balance, it’s the sweet essence of blueberry flirting with an undercurrent of boldness for a taste that walks a perfect line between indulgent and exhilarating. The FEDRS Evilberry Hard Ice Cool undoubtedly stands out in the saturated market. It has the uncompromising strength and blueberry flavor that is characteristic of the product. This intensity pairs with the brand’s daring design philosophy, perfect for connoisseurs of nicotine who want a product that really and truly packs a punch. FEDRS always pushes the limit, giving you not just the nicotine pouch but the bold statement to people taking an extreme flavor mission.

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