FEDRS Melon Hard Ice Cool



strength / g

65.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

32.5 mg / pouch

net weight

10.0 g total

weight / pouch

0.5 g

pouches / can



FEDRS (Poland)


FEDRS, the first Polish manufacturer on the market of nicotine pouches, is now introducing another nerve-racking taste for the daring: its FEDRS Melon Hard Ice Cool. The source of FEDRS has carved its own identity in the nicotine pouch industry. Quality is championed in keenness, making vivid flavors that are offered by the FEDRS product an unyielding nicotine experience paired with taste.

Design & Flavor:

The design of the packaging is of world-class standards, whereby the lively colors give the suggestions of the ripeness in taste that the melons hold. It reminds me to Killa’s design just on an upgraded level. The flavor is just the spirit of summer in a can, with authentic, refreshing melon flavors coming through, complemented by a subtle but crisp, fresh, and cooling effect. One of the best honey melon flavor on the market.

Nicotine Strength & Longetivity:

Packed with a hefty 65 mg/g of nicotine strength, these pouches would ideally cater to experienced users who want a real strong, long-lasting buzz. The light 0.5g pouches are balancing well the ultra-strong mixture. What it did was to produce an effect that was strong, instant, and long-lasting: 30-40 minutes in duration, mind you. But the cooling pleasantly lasted for a maximum of 50 minutes, believe it or not.

Texture & Overall Balance:

FEDRS has found the most delicate balance between the high amount of nicotine and slim pouches’ smoothness. Designed for comfort with sustained release, each pouch contains a discrete powerhouse to ensure the intensity of nicotine is not overpowering to the lush sweetness of the melon. FEDRS Melon Hard Ice Cool – therefore, contains everything that the brand has put all efforts into and made for you to dive into a unique journey with your senses. It captures the very essence of a melon flavor, making it sweet and a little sour for a perfect fit to the strong nic-kick. The result is a rewarding and refreshing portion of nicotine pouches that deserve to stand for something different and new.

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