GRANT Double Ice


Hey chill seekers, ever had a minty blast that feels like winter’s first snowflake landing on your tongue? Meet GRANT Double Ice nicotine pouches – a frosty adventure for your tastebuds! This ain’t just your usual mint flavor; it’s a double whammy of cool and burning sensations that’ll make you go “Whew!” And guess what? Grant Snus isn’t playing around. Not only have they built a solid rep in the snus market for quality without breaking the bank, but each can also packs a generous 27 slim pouches. The real kicker? These pouches are a tad moister, ensuring that sweet nicotine hits your bloodstream super-fast. Talk about instant frosty satisfaction! Dive in and ride the icy wave!



strength / g

20.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

12.0 mg / pouch

net weight

16.2 g total

weight / pouch

0.6 g

pouches / can



Kordula UAB

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