GRANT Ice Cool Extreme Edition


Alright, mint lovers, brace yourselves! Dive into the icy world of GRANT Ice Cool Extreme. These aren’t just your average nicotine pouches. Oh no, they’re the cool cousins you always wanted to hang out with at family parties. Packed with a bold 50 mg/g of nicotine, they’re not for the faint of heart. And that minty freshness? It’s like plunging into an Arctic pool. The slim design ensures they’re discreet and comfy. So, if you’re looking for a minty blast that gives you an extreme kick, GRANT’s got you sorted. Seriously, these pouches redefine “chill.” Ready for a frosty adventure? Dive in!



strength / g

50.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

32.5 mg / pouch

net weight

16.2 g total

weight / pouch

0.65 g

pouches / can



Kordula UAB

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