GRANT Ice Peach


Ice Peach

strength / g

20.0 mg / g

strength / pouch

12.0 mg / pouch

net weight

16.2 g total

weight / pouch

0.6 g

pouches / can



Kordula UAB


Alright, flavor fans, hold onto your taste buds! GRANT Ice Peach is sliding into the scene, and it’s an absolute game-changer. Think of biting into a juicy peach on a hot day, but with a cool, refreshing twist. This baby’s loaded with a 20 mg/g nicotine hit, but hey, no tobacco in sight – yup, that’s right, it’s all about that tobacco-free snus life. This peachy wonder is the fresh new kid in the Grant family, bringing a whole new flavor vibe to the party. Whether you’re chilling at the beach or just kickin’ it on your porch, GRANT Ice Peach is the perfect pouch to keep things peachy keen. Dive in and savor the flavor!

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