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Embark on an exhilarating journey with ICEBERG Emerald, the epitome of sophistication and bold flavors in the world of nicotine pouches. These nicopods are renowned for their cool design and incredibly potent nicotine level, setting the bar high for aficionados seeking a premium experience. Step into a realm of vibrant flavors where the harmonious blend of green apple and lemon takes center stage, presenting a refreshing sourness tinged with sweet undertones, promising a sensory delight with every use. Crafted meticulously to be slim and sleek, these pouches offer not only a burst of flavor but also an ultra-high nicotine kick, making it an exclusive choice for the seasoned connoisseurs of tobacco-free snus. Gear up for a unique and immersive experience, but be advised, the ICEBERG Emerald is recommended for the experienced users who can handle the potent fusion of freshness and strength that lies within.


Green Apple & Lemon

Strength / g

50 mg / g – 150 mg / g

Strength / pouch

40 mg / pouch – 120 mg / pouch

Net weight

16 g total

Weight / pouch

0.8 g

Pouches / can



Iceberg Tobacco

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