ICEBERG Mango Banana

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Delve into the rich, tropical paradise encased in ICEBERG Mango Banana nicotine pouches, where innovation meets exotic indulgence. Known for their sleek design and distinctive flavors, these nicopods are a beacon of modernity in the world of tobacco-free snus. Embrace the delightful synergy of sweet banana and juicy mango as they dance in a harmonious blend, offering a sensory experience that is both vibrant and immersive. These slim pouches, packing an ultra-high nicotine content, promise a potent and exhilarating adventure for experienced users, invigorating your senses with every use. With their cool design and unique flavor profile, ICEBERG Mango Banana has successfully carved a niche, becoming the go-to choice for those seeking a potent yet delightfully exotic nicotine experience.


Mango & Banana

Strength / g

50 mg / g – 110 mg / g

Strength / pouch

40 mg / pouch – 88 mg / pouch

Net weight

16 g total

Weight / pouch

0.8 g

Pouches / can



Iceberg Tobacco

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