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Step into a refreshing experience with KILLA Cola, one of the pioneers in the nicotine pouch market, captivating the senses with its fizzy, aromatic presence reminiscent of your favourite cola drink. These innovative nicopods are a tantalizing treat for cola enthusiasts, offering a potent blend of sweet and authentic cola flavor that promises an invigorating burst of pleasure with each use. Encapsulated in a high-quality slim format, this remarkable concoction not only assures comfort but also delivers a strong nicotine kick, positioning it as a prime choice in the spectrum of tobacco-free snus. Whether you’re a longtime fan of cola or simply keen on trying something new, KILLA Cola stands as a must-try, blending familiar sweetness with the potent satisfaction that comes from a well-crafted nicotine product.



Strength / g

16 mg / g

Strength / pouch

12.8 mg / pouch

Net weight

16 g total

Weight / pouch

0.8 g

Pouches / can



N.G.P. Tobacco APS

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