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How To Choose the Strength of Your Nicopods? – Our Nicotine Pouch Strength Guide

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In recent years, a new alternative to smoking started to gain popularity: nicotine pouches, often referred to as “nicopods” or “tobacco-free snus.” Unlike traditional tobacco products and snus (which contains tobacco and is banned in every country in the EU except Sweden), products that belong to this new generation of tobacco-free nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco in any form (the pouches don’t have any stems, dust of leaves in them). They provide a smokeless, spit-free method to consume nicotine.

Throughout the past few years, lots of brands and vendors entered the market and with every new brand, product line and new design, finding the nicopod that suits you the best has become more and more difficult.

These are the basic measurements used on the packaging of most nicotine pouches:

mg / g: The amount of nicotine proportional to 1gram of the nicotine pouch
mg / pouch: This simply refers to the total amount of nicotine that 1 pouch contains.
weight / pouch: This is the weight of 1 individual nicotine pouch.
pouches / can: This simply shows the number of pouches that the can contains.
net weight: The weight total of pouches in the can (‘weight per pouch’ x ‘pouches per can’)

Here’s how we at Pods and Bars categorize nicotine pouches based on their strength:

1. Less Intense

≤ 8 mg/g

If you’re new to the world of nicotine pouches or if you’re on the path to quitting nicotine altogether, this strength could be the best for you. It offers a mild sensory experience without being overwhelming.
It’s also an excellent option for the last phase before completely quitting nicotine, offering just enough to satiate any lingering cravings.
This level of potency can also be a good choice if you never smoked regularly and you’re just looking for something to replace casual smoking with.

Ideal For: Beginners, casual smokers or those who are at the final phase of trying to quit using nicotine completely.

2. Normal

8 – 14 mg/g

If you’ve been a regular smoker, you can use products from this level of strength to mirror the nicotine intake you’re accustomed to.

If you’ve grown comfortable with the ‘Less Intense’ category and you’re looking for a little more buzz, the products in our ‘Normal’ category will provides you with the right balance without going overboard.

Ideal For: Regular smokers transitioning to the use of nicotine pouches.

3. Strong

14 – 25 mg/g

If you’re a heavy smoker or if the nicopods in the ‘Normal’ strength category don’t give you the sensation you’re looking for, choosing a Strong product might be the best choice for you.
Nicotine pouches of this category are formulated to provide a robust experience tailored to match the cravings of seasoned users and heavy smokers.

Ideal For: Heavy smokers or those who find the ‘Normal’ category lacking.

3. Extra Strong

25+ mg/g

This is not for beginners or the faint-hearted. These ‘Extra Strong’ pouches pack a potent punch and are best reserved for occasional use when you really crave that powerful hit.
It’s important to use products that belong to this category very carefully to prevent nicotine overconsumption and it’s also essential to choose a trusted source if you buy extra strong products like this.

Our partners like EuropeSnus or SnusCore have wide selections available.

Ideal For: Experienced nicopod users seeking an intense experience.

4. Nicotine Free

0 mg / g

Kicking the nicotine habit is commendable, but if you find yourself missing the routine or the oral fixation, these nicotine-free pouches can provide a satisfying placebo effect.
They allow you to maintain the ritual without the consumption of nicotine, acting as the final step in your journey to a nicotine-free lifestyle.

Ideal For: Those who’ve already quit nicotine but miss the ritual.

Please keep in mind that these strength categories based on nicotine mg/g levels is just how we at Pods and Bars categorize these products.

Common Points of Confusion

Different online stores have different labels for different strengths.

Here are a few examples:
This vendor uses slightly different categories compared to the ones we use at Pods and Bars.
This brand uses different mg/g ranges

These potency  categorizations can differ between webshops and vendors. Brands that don’t belong to the same manufacturer usually label their product strengths differently as well.

These can cause  a lot of confusion for beginners, especially when someone is using products from multiple brands.

Another common issue is the labeling in ‘mg/g’ and ‘mg/pouch’. It’s easy to think that a product with a nicotine content of 20 mg / g is too strong for you, but most nicopods weigh less than 1 gram so if the weight of the pouch is only 0.5g then the nicotine content of that pouch is only 10 mg / pouch.


In conclusion, choosing the right strength of nicotine pouches depends on your previous smoking habits, current cravings, and where you stand on your journey of nicotine consumption. It’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional when making decisions about nicotine products.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to lead a healthier life, and every step toward reducing nicotine intake is a step in the right direction.

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